Bitcoin Now and Then

Historically, cryptocurrency has grown at an extremely slowed and stagnant rate over a relatively long period of time. With that being said, though, one should recognize that within the past couple of years, a handful of digital currencies were at the forefront of discussion in regards to investment and finances alike. Of these various coins, Bitcoin grew at a rate like no other investment-based asset or product throughout the history of the entire world. Today, in 2017, a single Bitcoin was valued at $13,860 USD; unfortunately, the present day value is approximately twenty-seven percent that value. Sadly, this lack of growth has become the reality for a vast amount of investors into cryptocurrency as, generally speaking, the majority of hodlers (holders) tend to have a decent amount invested into Bitcoin.  Many people like to proclaim they own Bitcoin by owning not just a piece of history but also wearing it proudly.   Crypto T-Shirts have become very popular in the last year, and many people are always looking for the latest Bitcoin shirts.

 In addition to the aforementioned information presented, one should similarly discuss the reasoning behind the significant growth in value that Bitcoin faced back in 2017. Realistically, the growth of the coin heavily revolves around the general belief in value of cryptocurrency as well as the attention and coverage being shined onto the topic. Being new technology and widely unrecognized, main stream media began covering the serious growth of Bitcoin towards the beginning of March. With this coverage, some laymen investors heard about the profits that prior investors were making and decided that they wanted to put their money in as well. This growth in coverage via mainstream media resulted in families and individuals that would have otherwise never known of cryptocurrency to enter the realm of investing. Sadly, as would happen with any highly-volatile asset, Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market has been facing historically-large drops. These drops likely diverted prior investors that hopped on the bandwagon through the media coverage and popular discussion regarding the growth of the market as a whole. Essentially, the main notion being presented here surrounds the importance of conducting your own research. Please, never invest with the assumption that you will get rich quick or will make profuse amounts of money without recognizing the inherent risk involved -- only invest what you are comfortable losing.